Darien Lay Preference: Head or feet at zipper?

None of our hammocks have a dedicated head or foot end, meaning you can lay either way in your hammock. That being said, when custom options are added that are specifically for one end of the hammock, our Darien model requires specification. If your hammock has custom options that need to be installed on a specific end (colored suspension on one end, head/foot end pockets, etc.), we need to know which end you will be using as the head end. If your hammock does not have anything that would need to be installed on a specific end, then you can ignore this.


What are the benefits of each?

  • Head at Zipper: Having the zipper close to your shoulder makes it easier for the user to reach the zipper to open or close the hammock. Another benefit is that it allows the user to reach outside of the hammock to adjust their underquilt, grab their shoes, etc.
  • Feet at Zipper: Laying this way makes the hammock a little easier to get in and out of. When laying ‘Head at Zipper’ the user needs to sit down in the hammock, then swing their legs to the other side of the hammock, but with ‘Feet at Zipper’, the user can just lay back.


Here is an illustration of the two options. You’ll notice that the hammock is the same, in both pictures, but the user is laying in it differently:

Feet at zipper:


Head at zipper:

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