• The Basics

    If you're completely new, here's where you should start! In this article, I go over what you need to get started, how to hang a hammock, and I cover a few basic principals.

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  • Hammock Size

    The size of your hammock is one of the primary things you need to consider, as it is essential to a comfortable hammock. This article explores how you should go about selecting the size of your hammock.

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  • Directional Lays

    Knowing whether you should get a right-lay hammock or a left-lay hammock is tricky for those who are new to hammocking. Here we define what that even means, as well as provide guidance in selecting which option is best for you.

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  • Hammock Safety

    This is an important one! Like most outdoors activities, hammock camping is not dangerous, but you can end up seriously hurting yourself if you don't know what you're getting yourself into. Please take a moment to read this article!

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  • Our Hammocks

    This article is devoted to showing what makes our hammocks special, and briefly touches on how we are a family company that genuinely cares about making quality products for our customers. You might also be interested in our About Us page.

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  • Hammock Models

    So you've decided to look at Dream Hammock, but what on Earth is the difference between a Dangerbird and a Freebird? This article aims to explain our different models, and showing off their strengths.

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  • Suspension

    We offer 3 different options for hammock suspension, and also have a few different sets types of tree straps. This article will guide you through what best suits your needs, and which you should consider using when configureing your hammock.

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  • Fabrics

    Let's talk about what is actually keeping you off the ground! Here we detail every fabric we offer, make recommendations, and guide you through the fabrics that best suit your needs.

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  • Ready-to-Ship or Custom?

    We have two ways to buy hammocks; our store page will explain the difference between them. When you're ready to buy your hammock, this will guide you to which one is best for you.