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Custom Hammock

Custom Hammock

Our custom hammocks grant you a wide variety of options to configure, for those who want to tweak every detail of their hammock to their liking. Some hangers have special requirements, unique preferences, or just want something a little extra special. We use the same construction methods, design principals, and hold our craftsmanship to the same high standard across all our hammocks. Customize nearly every aspect and create your very own Dream Hammock.

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Check our current lead times

 Custom Hammocks - 8 Weeks
Ready-to-Ship Hammocks - 1-2 business days
Stock Accessories - 1-2 business days
Built-to-Order Accessories - 1-4 business days*
 *Built-to-Order accessories will take longer if we do not have your chosen materials in stock
Our lead times are our best approximation. We are a small family business, and we do our best to keep true to our lead times, but these numbers serve as an estimate, not a commitment. If anything happens that could significantly delay your order, we will try to reach out to you to keep you in the loop.

What comes with my hammock?

All of our hammocks come fully assembled with your choice of suspension and ridgeline, and a properly sized standard stuff sack. They will also include all necessary components based on the options selected. For example:

  • For hammocks with Tie-out hooks include 36" elastic tie-out shock-chords.
  • Sparrows and Dangerbirds will come with a peak bag to store their net, and two if the hammock has both a net and overcover.

Warrenty and acknowledgements

We have no formal warranty, but we stand behind our workmanship. If there are any problems that occur as a result of our workmanship, we will pursue making things right. We do not cover damage as a result of misuse of the hammock, but we are happy to repair damage as it occurs for a fee determined at the time of examination.

We do not cover fabric failures for ultralight fabrics. Our ultralight fabrics include 1.0oz Monolite and 1.2oz Mtn-XL. While we stand behind our workmanship, we simply cannot cover damage that results from choosing these less durable fabrics.

By purchasing this product you acknowledge and agree that any misuse of our product is not the fault of the product or Dream Hammock. Please refer to our Knowledge Base articles, particularly the Hammock Safety article, to understand the proper use of this product.

No discounts will apply to any changes made to Custom Hammock orders, regardless of if the order was placed during a sale, or the change was requested during the sale.

Please read our full warranty on the cart page before checking out.

Shipping details

We ship all hammocks Signature Required via UPS or USPS. You may opt out of Signature Required, but in doing so we take no responsibility for lost packages after we recieve the delivery notice from the courier.

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