Order #13610

Order #13610


Net & Overcover

Length: 11ft

Width: 65

Layers: Double

Outside: 1.7oz MTN-XL, Black

Inside: 1.2 MTN XL, Glacier Blue

Overcover: 1.1oz Ripstop Nylon, Charcoal Grey

Right Lay

Continuous Loop: All Blue, Head gear loop with hand loop, foot gear loop

Ridgeline: Blue

Tree Straps: 10ft

UQ Hooks & TO Hooks

Stuff sack: Make a little larger

Peak Shelf-Removable

05-01-2023 Order Placed CK

05-08-2023 Inside Fabric change

05-08-2023 width change

05-08-2023 Amsteel color change

05-12-2023 stuff sack size

07-05-2023 Order Shipped

Final Weight: 41.8oz

Zipper: 0

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