Order #13517

Order #13517

Net & Overcover
Length: 11ft
Width: 70
Layers: Double
Outside: 2.2oz Hex70-XL, Charcoal Gray
Inside: 2.2oz Hex70-XL, Vader Blue
Netting: .9oz Noseeum, Slate Gray
Overcover: OutdoorINK, Dragon Scale Battle Ice
Left Lay

UQ & TO hooks: Blue
Continuous Loop
Zipper Hood: Blue
Top Stitching: Blue
Zipper Pulls: Blue
Peak Shelf-Removable
Gear Sling: 2 piece, outdoorINK leftovers

03-03-2023 Order Placed JW
03-06-2023 Overcover added
03-06-2023 UQ & TO Added
03-06-2023 Gear Sling Added
03-22-2023 Order Shipped

Final Weight: 52oz
Zipper: +1

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