Order #13528

Order #13528

Net & Overcover
Length: 11ft
Width: 58
Layers: Double
Outside: 1.6oz HyperD, Charcoal Gray
Inside: 1.6oz HyperD, Navy Blue
Overcover: 1.6oz HyperD, Moroccan Blue
Overcover vent: Head End: Standard Peak
Netting: 1.0oz Monolite, Moroccan Blue
Right Lay

Whoopie Sling: Yellow
Ridgeline: Yellow
Tree Straps: 1" 10ft
UQ Hooks: Yellow
Zipper Hoods: Yellow
Top Stitching: Yellow
Zipper Pulls: Yellow
Ridgeline Organizer
Stuff Sack: Yellow
Peak Shelf- Removable
Storage: Open Top Pocket, Divide into 2 pockets 6 inch near head and 14 towards feet

Trip Date: May 5th
03-12-2023 Order Placed G
03-31-2023 Trip Date Added
04-12-2023 Order Shipped

Final Weight: 46.4oz
Zipper: +1

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