Order #13602

Order #13602


Length: 11ft

Width: 65 inches

Layers: Double

Netting: .9oz Noseeum Black

Outside: 1.7oz MTN-XL, Black

Inside: 1.2oz MTN, Swiss Red

Overcover: 1.6oz HyperD, Black

Vent: head asym, foot peak

#5 Zipper

Left Lay

Continuous Loops: head red, foot orange

Tree Straps: 15ft

UQ Hooks & TO Hooks

Zipper Pulls: Red

Ridgeline Organizer

Zipper Top Pocket

Peak Shelf-Removable

Gear Loops w/hand loops: both ends

Extra zipper sliders: both sides of net and overcover

Gear Sling: 1.2oz MTN, Swiss Red

Ridgeline Sling: 1.2oz MTN, Swiss Red

04-27-2023: Order Placed JL

04-28-2023: Changed width, netting & inside fabric

06-13-2023 Order Shipped

Final Weight: 52.05oz

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