Order #13620

Order #13620


Net & Overcover

Length: 11ft

Width: Special Width

Width: 66

Layers: Double

Outside: 2.2 oz Hex 70, Dark Olive

Inside: 2.2 oz Hex 70, Dark Olive

Overcover Fabric: 1.6oz HyperD Woodland Camo

Right Lay

Whoopie Sling

Tree Straps: 1" 1500lb: None

UQ Hooks & TO Hooks

Ridgeline Organizer

05-17-2023 Order Placed MR

05-19-2023 Fabric change inside and outside

05-19-2023 Color inside and outside change

06-21-2023 Order Shipped

Final Weight: 49.5oz

Zipper: 0

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