Order #13571

Order #13571


Net & Overcover

Length: 11ft

Width: 70

Layers: Double

Outside: 2.2oz Hex70-XL, Dark Olive

Inside: 2.2oz Hex70-XL, Charcoal Gray

Netting: 1.5oz Monolite, Black

Overcover Fabric: 2.2oz Hex70-XL, Dark Olive

Overcover Vent: Head, Peak Vent, Peak Vent, Foot

Right Lay

Whoopie Sling: Foot, Black

Tree Strap: 15ft

UQ Hooks & TO Hooks

Zipper Pulls: Camo

Zipper Hood Color: Dark Olive

Gear Sling: 1.9oz, Multicam

Final Weight: 59.75oz

Zipper: 0

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