We make nearly all of our gear here in our workshop. We keep some standard items in stock, but we also offer Built-to-Order items which allow for some degree of customization.

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Looking for a Hammock?

Built-to-Order Accessories

Need something in a specific color, size, or pattern? Take a look at our Built-to-Order Accessories. We are typically able to get it done and sent your way within a week of your order, though some items may be quicker or slower to build.

Stock Accessories

Need something simple like a pair of tree straps, some carabiners, or an extra stuff sack? Our stock accessories include a wide variety of products for your hammock.

Our stock items will ship within a few days of order.

Need something special?

If you need one of our products made in a special size, color, fabric, or other specification, let us know! We may be able to help you out and get you taken care of.