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Custom Gear Sling

Custom Gear Sling

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Our Gear Sling provides plenty of storage for your gear while you're hanging. It was designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to use it in the way it most benefits your needs. It can be used on the ridgeline, hooked to the side tie-out and UQ hooks, hung like a peak shelf, or even hung vertically at the end of your hammock. When used as a stuff sack, it's large enough to hold the largest hammocks and possibly your underquilt without having to remove it from your hammock.

Our Gear Sling features a draw cord channel at each end, a full length zipper, and pack hooks at both ends. This allows you to configure the Gear Sling for several purposes. See photos on this page for hanging ideas.

Dimensions: 27" by 12.5" (when laid flat)

Weight: 1.45oz/43g (based on 1.6oz HyperD)

Zipper: #3 coil with dual facing sliders

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